Areas of Mediation Practice

Marriage Mediation

Marriage Mediation helps couples prevent both the emotional and financial costs of relationship breakdowns. It helps couples reduce tensions, anger, and misunderstandings that may arise in the relationship.

Marriage mediation is not a counselling or legal service, but rather assumes that the couples want to work out their differences without resorting to divorce. Marriage mediation differs from counselling in that it is more task oriented and is a much faster process.

Trained mediators at Behrend Mediation can help you and your partner focus on the real issues, search for all possible options, and increase the likelihood of a negotiated agreement.

Mediation is completely voluntary. All final decisions rest within the participants. The mediator is simply there as a bridge between both parties and to set the stage for constructive communication.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce is never an easy time.  However, divorce mediation can help reduce tension.

Separation and divorce often require making difficult decisions about your property, support, and parenting your children.  Divorce Mediation provides an opportunity to make these decisions in a mutually satisfying way.

Unlike litigated divorces, which involve an adversary system, divorce mediation is a collaborative process.  That means that you sit down and discuss those things that are important to you in order to reach decisions that are helpful to all.  Collaboration does not require that you "get along" with each other -- only a willingness to try.

A mediator will help couples work through the issues in a neutral environment.  In divorce mediation, issues of custody, child support, spousal support, and property division will be discussed. Divorce mediation can reduce conflict, specifically in regards to child custody, and develop an agreement that is in the best interests of all parties. 

Divorce mediation allows you to retain complete control over the decisions that are made.

Personal Injury Mediation

Personal Injury Cases can be time consuming and emotionally draining to settle in a lawsuit.  The legal fees involved are high and often courts are backlogged.  Also, in litigation you never know what the outcome will be until the case is ruled upon. There are no guarantees that anyone will come out with the outcome they desire.  

Mediation can be a useful alternative to litigation in a Personal Injury Case. 

Mediation allows the parties involved to facilitate a mutually agreeable settlement.  Mediation functions on the belief that people are capable of resolving their own conflicts with a little helpful guidance and support from a neutral third party.  

Real Estate Mediation 

Real Estate Mediation is an alternative to the more costly and time consuming process of civil litigation in the courts.  An impartial mediator, familiar with real estate, handles the dispute in a non-threatening environment, allowing all sides involved a chance to discuss the matter.  A real estate mediator does not issue orders, find fault, or make a determination.  The goal is to have the parties reach their own settlement.

Real Estate Mediation Service (REMS) is a trade name used by Behrend Mediation Services for its contract with the REALTORS Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (RAMP) to administer their Dispute Resolution System.   The Dispute Resolution System is a program for buyers, sellers, and REALTORS to resolve disputes that arise in the purchase and sale of real estate.  RAMP is committed to the principal that the best way to resolve differences is in a non-hostile, impartial atmosphere.

Real Estate Mediation is often part of an agreement of sale.  If the parties have such an agreement, any dispute arising after the sales agreement is signed will go through mediation.

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