Mediation Training

U.S. Postal Service Redress Mediation Training                                1998

Advanced Family Mediation Training                                                  1997

Domestic Abuse Mediation Training                                                    1997

Divorce Mediation Training                                                                   1983


University of Phoenix Faculty Certification                                         2001

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)                              1995

Mediation Council of Western Pennsylvania                                       1987

Mediation Training Institute                                                                  1983

Licensed to Practice Law in Pennsylvania                                            197



Mediation Council of Western Pennsylvania

     Past President and Current Board Member

Allegheny County Bar Association

        ADR Committee Member

Association for Conflict Resolution

Pennsylvania Council of Mediators


Articles Published by the Pittsburgh Business Times


 "To Affect Positive Change, Turn Your Complaints into Requests"

"Exploring Creative Options Often Promises Better Solutions"

"Understanding Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution"

"Recognition Best Accomplished Through Communication"  

"Students' Worth to Employers Increases with Job Experience"

"Employers Have Multiple Obligations"

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